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Rahul Gill

President & CEO


Rahul has over 20 years of experience as a seasoned developer and financier. He launched a groundbreaking solar development platform in Virginia, responsible for 1.5GW of renewable energy in the PJM region.

Rahul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics-Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Finance. His unique technical skills and financial knowledge have driven his exceptional career.

He has held significant roles at Goldman Sachs, NRG, and Schlumberger, contributing to project finance, development, and due diligence.

Rahul possesses expertise in financial modeling, risk assessment, and project management. He expertly navigates regulatory and market complexities to maximize returns for stakeholders. With a deep commitment to sustainability, Rahul advocates for renewable energy and clean technology solutions. He actively promotes sustainable practices and drives innovation in the renewable energy sector.